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Welcome to Think Intelligent Solutions, a forward-thinking legal consulting firm at the forefront of assisting companies navigating the complex intersection of law and artificial intelligence (AI). With a sophisticated background as an attorney for over a decade, Lafayette Newsome spearheads our team, bringing a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the legal landscape in corporate environments.

As a legal consulting firm specializing in intellectual property and contract law, we are dedicated to assisting corporations leveraging AI technologies. Our expertise extends to providing strategic legal guidance on issues related to intellectual property rights, licensing agreements, and safeguarding innovations in the AI domain.

With our commitment to staying ahead of technological advancements, Think Intelligent Solutions is positioned as a trusted partner for companies implementing AI and at the forefront of AI innovation. Explore the possibilities with us as we combine legal insight, intellectual property expertise, and an understanding of AI to guide your company toward success in this rapidly evolving legal and technological environment.

Providing corporations that utilize AI with legal analysis


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